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Composition And Rhetoric I (WRD 103) Analyisis Essay Final Draft

Sandra Watson
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DePaul University

Composition And Rhetoric I (WRD 103)

have smartphones destroyed a generation summary

The article “Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?”, by the American phycologist
Jean M. Twenge, was about whether or not smartphones have destroyed todays teen generation.
The article stated many facts, such as the increase in psychological vulnerability among
teenagers. Twenge’s article also had numerous data collections regarding the main topic and why
it could be true. Due to the release of the 2007 iPhone; a drop-in dating, sleep time and sexual
activity among teens was seen from a data collection the author conducted. Although the release
of the iPhone correlates directly with the drops in different types of performances, she makes it
clear that this is not the only thing that can affect these behaviors. The author interviewed a
thirteen-year-old girl, Athena, throughout the entire article. This was so we could see an actual
teenagers point of view on smartphones and what role it plays in her day-to-day life. Athena had
much to say about her phone and how much she uses it. When Athena and her friends get
together, they are always on their phones and rarely interact with each other. She states that,
“[she thinks they] like [their] phones more than [they] like actual people.” Athena also mentions
that her and her generation “didn’t have a choice to know any life without iPads or iPhones.”



Composition And Rhetoric I (WRD 103) Analyisis Essay Final Draft

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