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Computer Network Technology (Ccna1) (TTTK2103) Packet Tracer

Sandra Watson
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Blur-Preview Packet Tracer – Network Representation


Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia


Computer Network Technology (Ccna1) (TTTK2103)

Packet Tracer – Network Representation
The network model in this activity incorporates many of the technologies that you will master in your CCNA
studies. It represents a simplified version of how a small to medium-sized business network might look. Feel
free to explore the network on your own. When you are ready, proceed through the following steps and
answer the questions.
Note: It is not important that you understand everything you see and do in this activity. Feel free to explore
the network on your own. If you wish to proceed more systematically, follow the steps below. Answer the
questions to the best of your ability.
Step 1: Identify common components of a network as represented in Packet Tracer.

Step 2: Explain the purpose of the devices.

Step 3: Compare and contrast LANs and WANs.



Computer Network Technology (Ccna1) (TTTK2103) Packet Trace

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