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Computer Systems Architecture (CMSC411) Exam 1 2019

Sandra Watson
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University of Maryland

Computer Systems Architecture (CMSC411)

• This exam probably contains more questions than most of you can answer in a timely fashion. So,
just do your best to show me what you know.
• Unless otherwise indicated, answers are worth 4 points each.
• As a rule, explain your work. An incorrect answer without explanation might not be rich enough to
afford partial credit. We read what you write!
• In the absence of calculators a correct answer will be one with the quantity to be computed on the
left hand side of an equation, and an expression that could be plugged into a symbolic or numerical
calculator and evaluated with no futher algebraic or other manipulation.
That is,

Problem 4: Enchiladas? Yes, Edinburg Steaks! (45pts)
The following questions are about Frijoles and Huevos, two experimental machines being
developed by Fastener Bonanza, dedicated to keeping classic FOOD (Found On Our Duds)
artifacts in tip top shape. Some of the questions use the information in the table below; so, read
carefully before assuming that crack technician, Tuhs Ti Speek, has left out any crucial
information. Note that the instructions are partitioned into two sets: those that use only the
Integer ALU hardware, and those that use the Floating Point ALU hardware.
The data for this problem has been replicated here for your convenience.
Grading Advice
A correct answer to each of these questions is worth 4 pts. All of them use some form of the 4-pt
rules; however, for common errors, a little more detail might be supplied for how to grade. Refer



Computer Systems Architecture (CMSC411) Exam 1 2019

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