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Concepts Of Maternal-Child Nursing (4130) Professor Lewis- Pediatric Exam 2 Notes

John Marsh
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Nova Southeastern University

Concepts Of Maternal-Child Nursing And Families (NUR 4130)

Exam 2 Pediatrics
Growth & Dev of Toddlers pg. 992
 Both physical growth and acquisition of new motor skills slow somewhat during toddler
 Height and weight continue to ↑ steadily but slower than infancy  growth happens in
spurts rather than linearly  step-like growth
 Averages  weight at 2 y/o is 26lbs and height is 34 inches
 Dentition  primary teeth in place (start to get teeth at 6 months)  teach them to brush
their teeth and maybe floss, you’ll have to help them pg. 1010 read more
 Average toddler weight gain  1.36 to 2.27kg (3 to 5lbs)/year  length/height ↑ an
average of 7.62 cm (3 inches)/year  head circumference ↑ about 2.54 cm (1 in) and then
↑an average of 1.27 cm (0.5 in)/year until 5 y/o  head size becomes more proportional to
rest of body near 3 y/o
 Toddlers generally reach half their adult height by 2 y/o
Major Toddler Tasks
 Differentiation of self from significant others
 Tolerates separation from parent
 Ability to withstand delayed gratification
 Control over bodily functions
 Acquisition of socially acceptable behavior
 Verbal means of communication
 Ability to interact w/others in a less egocentric manner
 Speak 100-200 words
Physiological Systems
 Myelination of the brain and spinal cord is usually complete around 24 months  improved
coordination and ability to exercise sphincter control for bladder and bowel mastery
 HR ↓ and BP ↑ in toddlerhood
 Urine output should be 1 mL/kg/hr urethra remains short making them for susceptible to
UTIs than adults (male and female)
 ↑ ability to maintain body temp  body is becoming more proportional
 they start to produce antibodies against infections
Psychosocial Development pg. 994
 Erickson defines the toddler period as a time of autonomy versus shame and doubt  it’s a
time of exerting independence
 The toddler is struggling for self-mastery and to do for themselves what others have been
doing for them
 They may quickly change from happy and pleasant to crying and screaming
 Exertion of independence results in toddler’s fav response “no”  will answer “no” even if
they mean “yes”



Concepts Of Maternal-Child Nursing (4130) Professor Lewis- Pediatric Exam 2 Notes

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