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Concpt Of Professional Nursing (NUR 310) Nur 310 Exam 1 Notes

John Marsh
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University of Alabama at Birmingham

Concpt Of Professional Nursing (NUR 310)

Nur 310 Exam 1 notes

Exam 1 Objectives
1. Define and describe the concept.
a. Communication- a process of interaction between people in which symbols
are used to create, exchange, and interpret messages about ideas,
emotions, and mind states
i. Happens on a scope/continuum
2. Describe the scope and categories of communication.
a. Scope of communication- effective <-> ineffective <-> absence
b. Three primary categories
i. Linguistic- spoken words or written symbols
ii. Paralinguistic- nonverbal messages (gestures, eye contact, facial
iii. Metacommunication- context of the message
3. Identify attributes of communication.
a. Communicating verbally (linguistic)
i. Pace and Intonation- the slower, level pitch, clearer = more likely to be
ii. Clarity and Brevity- clear and brief (sometimes the best)
iii. Simplicity- use simple words; lay men’s terms
iv. Timing and Relevance- choose timing and relevance
v. Adaptability- speak differently to different people; child vs. adult; lower
literacy level
vi. Credibility- more credible more likely to have good communication
vii. Humor- know when this is appropriate
b. Non-verbal (paralinguistic)
i. Vocal inflection
ii. Volume
iii. Posture and gait
iv. Eye contact
v. Facial expressions
vi. Gestures
vii. Personal appearance
viii. Personal space
4. Apply effective communication skills in the context of nursing practice.
5. Describe the components of the communication process.
a. Sender- transmits a message
b. Message- what is said and body language
c. Channels (how the message is sent)- visual, auditory, tactile
d. Receiver- translates or decodes the message
e. Response/feedback- message sent back to the original sender; usually from
the receiver
6. Describe factors influencing the communication process.
7. Discuss the various aspects that nurses need to consider when using the different
forms of communication
8. Compare and contrast therapeutic communication techniques that facilitate
communication and focus on client concerns.
a. Therapeutic communication- helps to establish, develop, and maintain
effective nurse client relationships; promotes understanding, establishes a
constructive relationship; attentive listening



Concpt Of Professional Nursing (NUR 310) Nur 310 Exam 1 Notes

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