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Contemporary Principles of Management (BA6020)

Sandra Watson
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Contemporary Principles of Management (BA6020) despite your best intentions, it’s hard to bring the best evidence to bear on your decisions. why?

1. _____ causes people to view events as being more predictable than they really are.

2. A ____ is a choice made from among available alternatives.

3. In the third step of rational decision making (evaluating alternatives & selecting a solution), you
need to evaluate each alternative not only according to cost & quality but also according to
which of the following questions?

4. A decision tree is

5. Satisficing is the tendency of

6. The model of decision making that explains how managers should make decisions, assuming
managers will make logical decisions that will be the optimum in furthering the organization’s
best interests, is known as the ____. For example, a manager who uses this model may be
personally opposed to outsourcing jobs overseas, but she nonetheless decides to outsource
customer-service operations to India because doing so is in the company’s best interests.

7. When people seek information to support their point of view & discount data that do not, they
are subject to ______ bias. For example, Joe uses the fact that his commute is now shorter to
confirm his belief that there are fewer cars on the road. However, Joe is not accounting for the
fact that he recently took over the graveyard shift, & that traffic is always lighter at night & in
the wee hours of the morning.

8. Despite your best intentions, it’s hard to bring the best evidence to bear your decisions. Why?

9. ____ is a technique used to help groups generate multiple ideas & alternatives for solving

10. Which of the following is an example of the “curse of knowledge”?


Contemporary Principles of Management (BA6020)


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