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Contracts (LAW 515) Brief-Alaska Packers v. Domenico

Sandra Watson
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Arizona State University

Contracts (LAW 515)

Alaska Packers’ Association v. Domenico, 117 F. 99 (1902).
 Parties: Alaska Packers’, defendant-appellant; Domenico, plaintiff-appellee.
 Alaska Packers’ hired plaintiffs to do fishing work at a set rate at a certain remote location.
 Upon arriving at the location, plaintiffs refused to work unless they were given more.
 Defendant was pressured into agreeing to sign a new contract at a higher rate with plaintiffs.
 Upon completion of the work, defendants refused to pay and plaintiffs sued.
 Plaintiffs won; defendants appealed.
 Whether work agreed on in one contract constitutes as consideration for a second contract
formed solely to modify the first.



Contracts (LAW 515) Brief-Alaska Packers v. Domenico

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