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Contracts (LAW 515) Brief-Drennan. v. Star Paving

John Marsh
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Arizona State University

Contracts (LAW 515)

Brief-Drennan. v. Star Paving Co – Contracts

Drennan v. Star Packing Co., 333 P.2d 757 (1958).
 Parties: Drennan, plaintiff-appellant; Star Paving Co., defendant-appellee.
 Drennan, a contractor, sued Star Paving Co., a sub-contractor, for refusing to perform paving
work according to a bid it had submitted to the plaintiff.
 Plaintiff won; defendant appealed.
 The defendant had submitted a bid for about $7,000 to the plaintiff to perform paving work.
 The plaintiff used the defendant’s bid in its general bid for a job and won the job.
 The next day, the plaintiff stopped by the defendant’s office and introduced himself; the
defendant immediately said that he could no longer do the work because they had made a
mistake in their original bid.
 The defendant refused to do the work for less than $15,000, more than twice their original bid.
 The plaintiff was forced to find another sub-contractor to do the work for $11,000 and then
sued the defendant.



 Contracts (LAW 515) Brief-Drennan. v. Star Paving

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