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Criminology (CRJ 250) Quiz 6 2020 - Questions And Answers

Sandra Watson
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Kutztown University of Pennsylvania

Criminology (CRJ 250)

1. Cultural deviance theory combines elements of relative deprivation and routine activities

2. Because crime rates are higher in lower-class areas, many social structure theorists
believe that the causes of crime are rooted in socioeconomic factors.

3. According to the textbook, the most important Shaw and Mckay’s findings was that

4. Oscar Lewis argues that the crushing lifestyle of lower-class areas produces _____ that is
passed on from one generation to the next.

5. Walter Miller identified the unique conduct norms that define the lower-class culture and
that often clash with conventional values. Which of the following is not one of those

6. Which social structure theory focuses on the urban conditions, such as high
unemployment and school dropout rates, to explain crime?

7. According to the major premise of this theory, crime occurs when the wealthy and the
poor live close to one another.

8. According to social structure theory, children who grow up in low-income homes are less
likely to achieve in school and less likely to complete school than children who did not
grow up in low-income households.

9. Which of Merton’s social adaptations is most closely associated with criminal behavior?

10. According to the textbook, in recent years, the number of homeless children in the United
States has declined to an all-time low of 1 in every 50 children.



Criminology (CRJ 250) Quiz 6 2020 - Questions And Answers

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