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Davisplus Fadavis Com (NUR 4160) CH 18 - Health Professions And Genomic Care

John Marsh
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CH 18 – Health Professions and Genomic Care – Practice Questions

Nova Southeastern University

Genetics For Nursing Practice (NUR 4160)

Chapter 18: Health Professionals and Genomic Care
Multiple Choice
Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.
____ 1. Which action reflects promotion of genomic care as part of comprehensive health care?
A. Calculating the odds ratios and recurrence risks of common complex health
problems for all people
B. Ensuring that genomic issues potentially influencing a person’s health are
incorporated into routine care
C. Encouraging all people to undergo genetic testing as part of a proactive health
screening and prevention program
D. Instructing patients who undergo genetic testing about their obligation to inform
family members regarding test results
____ 2. Why are general physicians and surgeons not considered to be genetics professionals?
A. The typical patients seen by these health-care providers have acute conditions
rather than chronic conditions, and thus genetic influence is irrelevant.
B. Most of today’s physicians and surgeons were educated before completion of the
human genome research project.
C. These health-care professionals have minimal experience with genetics laboratory
D. The focus of their professional education is the study of medicine rather than
____ 3. How do genetics counselors provide genetic/genomic information to patients and families in a
nondirective manner?
A. Providing only the information the patient or family specifically requests
B. Skillfully directing the patient and family toward the best choice that is supported
by appropriate research
C. Presenting all facts and available options in a manner that neither promotes nor
excludes any legally permitted decision or action
D. Filtering management options and focusing on the information that will support the
decision they believe is right for the individual patient/family



Davisplus Fadavis Com (NUR 4160) CH 18 - Health Professions And Genomic Care

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