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Descartes Meditations 1 And 2 Summary

Sandra Watson
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Eckerd College

Philosophy of Mind and Body

Meditations 1 and 2 – bullet point summaries of meditation 1&2

Outline: Descartes Meditations
Meditation 1 & 2
Body vs Mind
– 1. difference of mind and body
• nature of mind in meditation 1
– criticizing the basis of many belief claims (about the world)
– we can’t know what we sense, senses aren’t reliable
– our common sense experience is unreliable
– cant rely on math, time, space and logic
– in the course of raising those doubts we learn the power of the mind
• eliminate the external world to learn about the internal/ what thinking involves
for I = a thinking thing
– can doubt senses but nonetheless have experiences of objects outside of myself
• I am a being of sensation
– open to determinacies that are outside of me
– I am open to a range of given sensible determinacies
• passive in respect to it
• I can doubt sensations because sometimes I have sensations that are not
– This shows that the mind has an active capacity to learn from
experience and correct itself
• I can compare sensations/ have a memory in order to compare
• memory= making present to myself that which isn’t present.
generating a sensation that isn’t happening to me now.



Descartes Meditations 1 And 2 Summary

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