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Describe Communal Balance In Professional Environment

Sandra Watson
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There are protocols or rules that define appropriate behavior, in the modern workplace; these often serve as a set of policies and guidelines for appropriate behavior. Modern institutions, organizations, and corporations today have developed policies to protect their employees from any inappropriate behaviors or unwanted actions from coworkers or supervisors. Employees that feel a sense of communal balance in their employment environment are more likely to be effective in their work. In Seminar this week the focus will be on nonverbal communication, spatial consciousness, and how these are managed.

respond to the questions and submit to the corresponding unit Seminar Dropbox. Your responses to the questions below should be composed in complete sentences and should be a minimum of 300 words.

How would you describe communal balance in the professional environment in your chosen professional field?

What types of protocols and policies do you expect to find in your chosen professional field?

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