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Designer, Coordinator & Manager (NURS 330 ) Sim 4 -Dependency+Prep

John Marsh
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University of South Dakota

Designer, Coordinator & Manager of Care II (NURS 330 )

Sim 4 -Dependency+Prep

University of South Dakota
Department of Nursing
Student Prep
Open Docucare and Review assigned patient: Barbara Jones
1. In the table below, describe the chronic physical effects alcoholism/drug abuse has on each
body system.
GI/GU Alcohol affects the digestive tract from the mouth to the colon. It can damage
the salivary glands and irritate the tongue and throat causing gum disease,
tooth decay, and even tooth loss. It can also cause ulcers, acid reflux, and
heartburn. Inflammation of the pancreas also interferes with metabolism and
the ability to digest. Damage to the digestive system can also cause fullness,
abdominal bloating and diarrhea.



Designer, Coordinator & Manager (NURS 330 ) Sim 4 -Dependency+Prep

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