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Designer, Coordinator & Manager Of Care I (NURS 320 ) Simulation 6

John Marsh
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Simulation 6-coreg nursing implications

University of South Dakota

Designer, Coordinator & Manager of Care I (NURS 320 )

Simulation Student Prep
Perfusion: Heart Failure
In this simulation, you will take care of the patient from the Acute MI simulation
(Dorothy Bloom) six months later. You can find Dorothy’s chart on DocuCare.
See patient information below and admit nursing note under “Notes” in
Patient Information:
Name: Dorothy Bloom Gender: F Race: Caucasian
Weight: 52 kg Height: 5’3” Age: 70
Allergies: PCN Immunizations: current; has not had flu or pneumonia vaccination
Past Medical History: Smoker, Type 2 Diabetes, Hypertension, MI
Social History: Widowed, retired school teacher, enjoys crocheting and playing bridge
Surgeries/Procedures: hysterectomy at age 50; appendectomy at age 25; L mastectomy x
10 years ago, left total knee arthroplasty 6 months ago.
1. Explain heart failure:
a. When a heart cannot keep up with its workload and the body may not get
the oxygen it needs
2. List signs and symptoms of worsening heart failure:
a. Shortness of breath
b. Fatigue and weakness
c. Swelling
d. Rapid or irregular heartbeat
e. Reduced ability to exercise
f. Persistent cough
g. Increased need to urinate at night



Designer, Coordinator & Manager Of Care I (NURS 320 ) Simulation 6

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