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Designer, Coordinator & Manager Of Care III (NURS 440 ) Elimination-Sim-Prep

John Marsh
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University of South Dakota

Designer, Coordinator & Manager of Care III (NURS 440 )

Department of Nursing
STUDENT PREP for Elimination Concept Simulation: Urinary Obstruction (BPH)
Name: Date:
Objectives for the Simulation Based Learning Experience:
1. Design and plan care for the patient after surgical treatment of obstructive benign
prostatic hypertrophy.
2. Conduct appropriate assessments and reduce risk for complications related to urinary
flow (output).
3. Display professional and respectful manner when providing personal hygiene or
treatments to patient’s genital-rectal area.
Complete this Preparation Worksheet:
Review assigned readings for Elimination Concept. This simulation will focus on “management
of symptoms of benign prostatic hypertrophy and post-operative care following a transurethral
resection of the prostate”.
Skills Review:
 Irrigating a urinary catheter
 Applying a urinary leg bag collection device
 Maintaining continuous bladder irrigations
1. When the patient is known to have benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH), what questions
should the nurse include in the focused urinary elimination assessment?
How often do you urinate, is it more frequent overnight?
When you urinate, is it an adequate amount, a lot, or just a little?
Do you feel that you empty your bladder fully when you urinate?
What is the color/concentration of your urine?
Do you experience pain during urination?
Problems with erections or sexual activity?
Weak, or start/stop stream?
Blood in urine or semen?
Hx of UTI?




 Designer, Coordinator & Manager Of Care III (NURS 440 ) Elimination-Sim-Prep

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