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Determine The Indicated Property

Sandra Watson
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Using the appropriate table, determine the indicated property. In each case, locate the state on sketches of the T-v and T-s diagrams. Include the vapor dome on the diagram.

  1. a) Water at p = 0.20 bar, s = 4.3703 kJ/kg.K. Find h, in kJ/kg.
  2. b) Water at p = 10 bar, u = 3124.4 kJ/kg. Find s, in kJ/kg.K.
  3. c) Refrigerant 134a at T = -28oC, x = 0.8. Find s, in kJ/kg.K.
  4. d) Ammonia at T = 20oC, s = 5.0849 kJ/kg.K. Find u, in kJ/kg.

Please explain which table you use, and any calculations (if needed) to find the values on the table.

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