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DEVRY MATH399 July Week 2 Latest Discussion

John Marsh
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DEVRY University MATH399 Applied Managerial Statistics Week 2 Discussion

exploring different types of graphs this week, it is unfortunate to learn that
there are sometimes misleading graphs used in the news, politics, medicine,
etc. in order to sway a decision or belief. Some items to watch out for in
graphs are—

Is there a
title that explains what the graph is displaying?

Are numbers
on the axis spaced out proportionally or have they been varied to create a
dramatic impression?

Is the
graph too loud? Does it have too many components that it distracts from

Are there
sources cited to know where the data came from?

Use the
internet to find a misleading graph. Key Terms to Search: Misleading Graphs

Provide a
screenshot of the graph

Cite the

Explain why
the graph is misleading


Explain how
you would fix the graph so it is not misleading.

Explain why
the creator of the misleading graph would want to create the graph in the first

MATH399 Applied Managerial Statistics

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