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Engineering Technology and Information Sciences CEIS100 Lab04 Python Programming.

John Marsh
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Introduction to Engineering Technology and Information Sciences (CEIS100) Lab04 – Python Programming. DeVry University

Lab Report
DeVry University
College of Engineering and Information Sciences
Student: Course Number: CEIS-100
Lab Number:
Exercise Title: Python Programming.
Submittal Date:
Create a Python program.
In this lab, you will create a Python program that will prompt the user to answer a few
questions. Check out this demonstration video for understanding of the process. Crtl+Click
I. Creating a Python Program
1. Open IDLE using your Raspberry Pi or Citrix (http://lab.devry.edu), or download Python on
your home computer: http://www.python.org/download/ .
2. Review the Week 4 Lesson for details on how to program in Python. An interactive tutorial is
available in the Week 4 Lesson, and a video showing how to solve Part A, step by step, is
available in the Lab.
3. Ask the user to input user’s name. Then, ask the user to enter user’s age. If they are older
than 16, then they can drive a car. Display this message along with their name.

4. The code to accomplish this is below:
print(“Welcome to the get to know you program”)
name = input(“What is your name? “)
age = int(input(“What is your age? “))
if age>=16:
print(“You can drive a car!”)
print(“Nice to meet you!”)
5. Print out the results of the input values and a final message saying “Nice to meet you.”
6. The program should look like the following.


Engineering Technology and Information Sciences CEIS100 Lab04 Python Programming.

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