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Diploma Of Nursing (HLT54115) Hltenn 006 Wound Management

John Marsh
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TAFE New South Wales

Diploma of nursing (HLT54115)

Hltenn 006 wound management

HLTENN006 – Apply principles of wound management in the clinical
Human Services, Tourism and Hospitality
1. Define the term wound dehiscence
wound dehiscence separation of the layers of a surgical wound; it may be partial or only s
uperficial, or complete withseparation of all layers and total disruption. Complete dehisce
nce of an abdominal wound usually leads to evisceration. (The Free Dictionary, 2017)
2. Discuss the physiological and biochemical processes associated with normal
wound healing when assessing Sarah’s wound.
Wound healing is the process of the body replacing devitalised and/or missing tissue in order
to fill a cavity and repair damaged skin.
All tissues in the body are capable of healing by one of two mechanisms: regeneration or
repair. Regeneration is the replacement of damaged tissues by identical cells and is more
limited than repair. In humans, complete regeneration occurs in a limited number of cells —
for example, epithelial, liver and nerve cells. The main healing mechanism is repair where
damaged tissue is replaced by connective tissue which then forms a scar. Wound healing can
be defined as the physiology by which the body replaces and restores function to damaged
tissues. (Wenurses.eu, 2017)



Diploma Of Nursing (HLT54115) Hltenn 006 Wound Management

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