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ELEX8280 Engineering Law Armor Enhancement British Columbia Institute of Technology

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British Columbia Institute of Technology

ELEX8280 Engineering Law Armor Enhancement British Columbia Institute of Technology

฀ Which age doesn’t exist?Age of diamond฀ Which Zodiac Guard is at 8-star stage?Virgo
Tales of Wind (story)
฀ What is the name of Gaco’s brother?Garo฀ What is the name of Nympha’s sister?Tricia
฀ Who is Schnee’s best friend?Estrid฀ Who is Kode’s best friend?Ezio฀ Who is Estrid’s best friend?Snow Rabbit
฀ Who is Audrey’s lover?Beck฀ Who is Beck’s lover?Audrey
฀ Leader of Eye of Truth?Rastus฀ Leader of Desert Fox?Lester
฀ Who is Quilaoon’s mentor?Mozirad
฀ What is the name of the Great Sage?Mozirad฀ Who is Fardis’s lieutenant?Beck
฀ Who is Kode’s superior?Fardis
฀ What is the name of the priest in Laplace City?Edmond ฀ Who is the Fairy living in the Yggdrasil Forest?Nympha ฀ Captain of watch guard in Yggdrasil?Beck
฀ Who is the daughter of Yggdrasil Mayor?Audrey฀ Which character is related to Dragon’s Treasure?Artia ฀ Which tribe does Prince Lullabi belong to?Plain Goblin
฀ Who killed Garo?Poporo฀ Who occupied Willie’s body?Skarog฀ Who stole Gaia from Yggdrasil?Grady฀ Who did Kode ever help?Black Cat฀ Injured by dark magic feedback?Cynthia฀ What is required to save Tricia?Lavender
฀ Which weapon does Fardis use?Silver Dragon฀ Which party did Poporo turn to?Eye of Truth฀ What extra reward can you obtain from teaming up with friends?Affinity Points ฀ How many time in total can you obtain rewards from Bug Hunt?8
฀ What kind of monsters are living near Whitewhale Lake?Ice Demon ฀ Which place is known for its bad weather?Silversnow฀ Which type of ring’s name can be changed?Oceanic Heart ฀ Ruins duel how many duels for reward?5
฀ From where can you obtain an Emblem?Moonlight Bottle

What weapon does the statue have at Laplace City Fountain Park?Sword ฀ How many chairs around round table out of of Yggdrasil -3 ฀ What is the effect of Thorn Halo casted by Quinn?Damage Reflection
฀ When Diseased Shroom Chief gets Super armor, to what color circle should players pull it? ฀ Which game mode will not provide silver stars?Racing฀ From which mode Kingdom Fame cannot be obtained?Escort
฀ From which game mode can you obtain the title “Master of Battle”?Arena
฀ Which title can you obtain when you are ranked No.2 in BattleRanking?Mr. #2฀ How many friends do you need to win the “Socialite” title?50
฀ Which Achievement below is not relative with Equipment Enhance?Bad luck฀ What achievement will you have after being dead 5 times?Careless
฀ What Achievement will you have with 10 kills in Treasure Hunt?Helping Hand
฀ Which item cannot be fused into a Card?Gold Soul Imprint฀ What material does Card Enhance require?Mana
฀ What is the main attribute of Card “Amaterasu”?DMGx฀ Which Card has its main attribute as Crit?Luna
฀ What can be embedded into equipment socket to increase BR?Card฀ From which Card does skill “Blast Wave” come?Tricia
฀ What can be obtained from Card dismantle?Mana
฀ What equipment level does Reforge require at minimum?Lv.20฀ Which equipment quality does Reforge require at minimum?Purple฀ Which equipment set is Defense type?Bulwark of Steel/ Steel Wall(?)฀ Which stat below is not from Chest Armor Enhancement?M. Def
฀ Game not included in Guild ball?Rock paper scissors฀ Which food can’t be fed to coco?Carrot
฀ What item’s purchase is lifetime limited in guild grocery store?Hare Shapeshift Wan฀ Which event is not opened on Saturday?Guild War฀ How many normal members can a Lv. 5 guild have in total?160
฀ Which priest skill can grant invincible buff to allies?Bathe in Light฀ Which skill below can steal life from the enemy?Sword Strike฀ Which mage skill below can stun the enemy?Firestorm
฀ Food production takes least time?French fries
฀ What kind of animal cannot be bred in Farm?Duck฀ Food that cannot be made in the restaurant?Lamb chop


ELEX8280 Engineering Law Armor Enhancement British Columbia Institute of Technology

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