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Emerging Trends And Challenges (C922) WGU JFT2 Organizational Management

John Marsh
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Western Governors University

Emerging Trends and Challenges in 21st Century Nursing Education (C922)

WGU JFT2 Organizational Management 1

WGU JFT2 Organizational Management ~ Task 1Jft2 Task1
Jogging head:
JFT2 Organizational Operations – Process 1
Charles Jorgenson
1 . Charge Bailey Mindset Technique
Mister. Bailey may effectively apply Vroom’s Expectations Theory to motivate his organization to oppose the
merger. Vroom’s Expectancy Theory can be summarized in this way:
The probability of the person appearing in a specific way depends upon what strength with the belief the
fact that action will create a certain result and the charm of that result to the person (Lawler, 1973).
This means that it really is more likely that individuals will respond in ways that they believe can produce
great benefits for themselves. In Mr. Bailey’s circumstance with the Utah Opera, the action is whether or
never to support the merger as well as the outcome may be the continued monetary stability with the
Opera. Mr. Bailey can contrast the Opera’s monetary stability, versatile business model, and cash source
with the Symphony’s financial challenges and union-locked business model. The logical reaction to this contrast
would be that your Opera may only turn into less fiscally stable with a merger simply because the Symphony
doesn’t have various positives to supply in that spot.



Emerging Trends And Challenges (C922) WGU JFT2 Organizational Management

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