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ENG 101 - Only Daughter Sandra Cisneros

Sandra Watson
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Borough of Manhattan Community College

English Composition (ENG 101)

ENG 101 – Only Daughter – Grade: A-

Self knowledge is crucial for individual and society. How does Cisneros
demonstrate this, and how can you relate?
If you look up the word self-knowledge in the dictionary you would find the following
definition: “self-knowledge is the knowledge or understanding of one’s own capabilities,
character, feelings, or motivations”. In the essay “Only Daughter” Sandra Cisneros explains
her struggles being the only female child in a Mexican family of six brothers and what she
went through to become the person she is today.
Among her culture, daughters are not considered as important as sons; as a matter of
fact, they are not considered at all. As a consequence of her brothers’ refuse to play with her
because of her gender, Sandra finds herself alone most of the time; being by herself allows
her to have a lot of time to think, read, and write. She has different expectations from
everybody else and she has the time to prepare herself for what is coming next, for what she
really wants. When she starts to plan her college career, she is put against an important
concern: her father’s opinion upon her decision.




ENG 101 - Only Daughter Sandra Cisneros

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