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ENG 340R The Satanic School Binghamton University

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Binghamton University

ENG 340R The Satanic School Binghamton University

● Fire bringer
● Eagle would peck out either Jupiter or Venus’ organs everyday (it would grow
back everyday) as constant punishment for bringing the fire to earth (to the
humans) now they’re educated and able to communicate
● In paradise lost Satan just got to hell but in Prometheus he seems to have been
there or a while
● Prometheus: enemy of Jupiter
“Shall drag thee, cruel King, to kiss the blood [1.50]
From these pale feet, which then might trample thee
If they disdained not such a prostrate slave.”
You see prometheus trying to punish jupiter
To crush the cycle of tyranny
“Disdain! Ah no! I pity thee.”
Move Prometheus into something else (unsure yet) but movement to pity, pausing and
stopping saying “no I’m not going to trample you, just as so many othe rpeople have”
shelly shows prometheus as another being other than just satan
“What ruin
Will hunt thee undefended through wide Heaven!
How will thy soul, cloven to its depth with terror, [1.55]
Gape like a hell within! I speak in grief,
Not exultation, for I hate no more,
As then ere misery made me wise.”
“misery makes one wise”
Constantly pops up
The reshaping of the band and take back the curse. Undo the nature of the band.
Poetic voice of shelly vs milton:
● Milton: he’s ideal, unemotional in his depictions
○ Renders everything very well
○ Renders adam, satan, eve, god, with the same brush stroke
■ Neoclassical of renderign every particular detail of the character
■ If he wants to render he’ll put it up on the canvas
■ He thinks everything’s important for the complete and perfect
○ Dry, straight to the point
● Shelly:
○ More emotional rendered with a certain visible distortion/artistic
○ Away from neoclassical
○ Going to get a certain view of the facts
■ Slanted, skewed, corrupted
■ Not going to be everything
■ Less clarity but more motion
○ Romantic flow
Sonic: audio qualities of shelly
Track how shelly works individual field and the audio field
The agonistic cries of Prometheus – calls out to his mother (earth) asking for aid
Motion we don’t get in Milton
Listening as a form of subject
Allows mobility/ sense of play
Think of how when you listen to music and you can hear 2 different notes/instruments at
the same time and can also hear notes that have been played before and afterwards –
goes into thinking about musical fluidity
Prometheus crying out for his mother for comfort
Line 107: earth begins to speak – mother of the titans (Prometheus is a titan) and
mother comes to Prometheus
Satan is crying out and mother (or sympathetic creature) hears him and feels for him
Enemy figure is becoming more human in Shelly’s depiction
Sympathetic figure – mother hearing son’s agony, we’re almost immediately inclined to
pity him
Getting us to pity Prometheus in the way we could never pity Satan
Prometheus: real sympathy due to mother figure comforting him
Penthia and iony: seated at Prometheus’ feet
Witnessing sympathy: watching the suffering and maybe even experiencing suffering
alongside prometheus
Satan’s suffering: hidden from view of other beings
Whether we can grieve over a loss: intro – butler
Shelly: destructionist: people who try to break down our cycle of violence
Conversation between Prometheus and Earth – read in depth (final paper)
Back and fourth between Prometheus and Earth – instinct to seek comfort from mother
figure does humanize him
Rehabilitation work of getting Prometheus to be a greivable being once again – try to
find a new way about things
Initial Moment of the Ban
Prometheus stole fire, Jupiter caught him and tortured him (line 240-257: recalled
memory of Prometheus as he confront’s jupiter “… )
Phantasm of Jupiter.
Why have the secret powers of this strange world [1.240]
Driven me, a frail and empty phantom, hither
On direst storms? What unaccustomed sounds
Are hovering on my lips, unlike the voice
With which our pallid race hold ghastly talk
In darkness? And, proud sufferer, who art thou? [1.245]
Tremendous Image, as thou art must be
He whom thou shadowest forth. I am his foe,
The Titan. Speak the words which I would hear,
Although no thought inform thine empty voice.
The Earth.
Listen! And though your echoes must be mute, [1.250]
Gray mountains, and old woods, and haunted springs,
Prophetic caves, and isle-surrounding streams,
Rejoice to hear what yet ye cannot speak.
A spirit seizes me and speaks within:
It tears me as fire tears a thunder-cloud. [1.255]
See, how he lifts his mighty looks, the Heaven
Darkens above.
He speaks! O shelter me!
I see the curse on gestures proud and cold,
And looks of firm defiance, and calm hate,
And such despair as mocks itself with smiles, [1.260]
Written as on a scroll: yet speak: Oh, speak!
Fiend, I defy thee! with a calm, fixed mind,
All that thou canst inflict I bid thee do;
Foul Tyrant both of Gods and Human-kind,
One only being shalt thou not subdue. [1.265]
Rain then thy plagues upon me here,
Ghastly disease, and frenzying fear;
And let alternate frost and fire
Eat into me, and be thine ire
Lightning, and cutting hail, and legioned forms [1.270]
Of furies, driving by upon the wounding storms.
Ay, do thy worst. Thou art omnipotent.
O’er all things but thyself I gave thee power,
And my own will. Be thy swift mischiefs sent
To blast mankind, from yon ethereal tower. [1.275]
Let thy malignant spirit move
In darkness over those I love:
On me and mine I imprecate
The utmost torture of thy hate;
And thus devote to sleepless agony, [1.280]
This undeclining head while thou must reign on high.
But thou, who art the God and Lord: O, thou,
Who fillest with thy soul this world of woe,
To whom all things of Earth and Heaven do bow
In fear and worship: all-prevailing foe! [1.285]
I curse thee! let a sufferer’s curse
Clasp thee, his torturer, like remorse;
Till thine Infinity shall be
A robe of envenomed agony;


ENG 340R The Satanic School Binghamton University


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