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Engineering (032797) Specific Heat Worksheet

Sandra Watson
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Batangas State University

Specific Heat Capacity – Worksheet 1

L. ln kJ, how much heat is required to raise the temperature of L.23 kg of water from 23.6″Cto 84.9 “C? (317 kJ)

2. How much heat is n6:tdedto;arm up 36 kg of hydrogen gas from 12.0 “C to 48.0 “C?

19b !i; ru much heat is released when a 260.0 g plate of copper cools from 5.30 x 10′ K to 20.0 “C? (-24.0 kJ)

4. 3.4 ki of heat is added to a 1.4 kg rod of uranium. What is the change in temperature the rod

5. 24OOOJofheatisreleasedwhen640gofsilverdropsintemperature. lf th esilverwasinitially
at -10.0 “C, what is the final temperature of the silver? (-170 “C)

6. A mass of gold, initially at 540.0 “C, experiences a drop in temperature of 12.0 “C when 82.0 J of
heat is released. What is the mass of the gold in grams?

7. 5.00x102Jof heat produce sa temperature increase of 8.77 K in a g5g sample of an unknown
substance. What is the specific heat capacity? What is the substance? (6.00 x IOz J/kg”C)

8. What is the difference between the amount of heat required to show an increase of 25.0 K
thermometer containing 2.00 g of mercury and a thermometer made of the same mass of
methyl alcohol? Be sure to take the larger number and subtract the smaller number.

10. A 15.75-9 piece of iron absorbs L}86.75joules of heat energy, and its temperature changes
from 25″C to 175″C. Calculate the specific heat capacity of iron.

11. How many joules of heat are needed to raise the temperature of 10.0 g of aluminum from 22″C
to 55″C, if the specific heat of aluminum is 0.90 Ug”C?

16. Mercury (Hg) is the only metalthat exists as a liquid at room temperature. Hg as a specific heat
capacity of O.L OJ/9″C. How many kilojoules of energy are required to increase 75.0kg of Hg
from 23.0 to 52.0″C?



Engineering (032797) Specific Heat Worksheet


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