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ENGL 101 College English 1 Wichita State University

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Wichita State University

ENGL 101 College English 1 Wichita State University

One Name, Two Fates
The book “The Other Wes Moore: One Name, Two Fates”, is about two people who had
the same name – Wes. However, both their lives turned out to be drastically different from each
other. We see similarities and differences between both Wes’s. Both Wes’s had lost their fathers
at a very young age, which may have had an impact on their life affecting the way they grew up.
From the name of the book, it is quite safe to say that the ending for both the characters might be
drastically in the opposite direction, with one falling deeper into the chasm of drugs, and the
other recovering from it and making an honest living.
At the start of the book, we see that both, author Wes and the other Wes live in
neighborhoods that were influenced by drugs and other problems. When author Wes’s father,
Westly dies, Joy decides to move with her parents in the Bronx, author Wes’s grandparents,
which was also a neighborhood that had been severely impacted by the crack epidemic and gang
violence. Meanwhile, Mary and the other Wes have moved to Northwood.
Not wanting to send author Wes to the public school in the Bronx, Joy decides to send
him to Riverdale, a private school. Due to him and another friend of his being the only two black
kids in the private school, author Wes begins to feel alienated both in his school as well as his
neighborhood. Due to this, his grades begin to fall. The other Wes supposedly attends the school
nearby, while he rarely goes to class. Despite being intelligent, he seems to have poor academic
grades, probably due to his friends.


ENGL 101 College English 1 Wichita State University

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