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(ENGL 102) Hidden Intellectualism Gerald Graff

Sandra Watson
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Hidden Intellectualism Gerald Graff

  • UniversityCommunity College of Philadelphia
  • CourseENGL 102 The Research Paper (ENGL 102)

Tatiana Diaz (Final Draft, 800 Words) September 18, 2017
In Gerald Graff’s “Hidden Intellectualism” he begins by suggesting that schools and
colleges often worry more about basic subjects like literature and mathematics but they do not
focus on “street smart” subjects that interest the students. He believes that teachers need to stop
blaming the students and just take a look on how they themselves are teaching the students. Graff
encourages that there are many kids that show their clever side with interests in things that do not
have to do with academic subjects but when they get into class, they do poorly. He claims that
schools need to take into consideration that there are many kids who are intelligent in those non
academic subjects and should create classes that deal with the interest of those “street smart”
kids. He asserts that kids are being taught basic subjects that do not interest them and subjects
that they just cannot comprehend but to adults, those subjects are relatively easy.



(ENGL 102) Hidden Intellectualism Gerald Graff

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