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English Composition I (EH 101) Odyssey Webquest

Sandra Watson
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University of South Alabama

English Composition I (EH 101)

Odyssey Webquest
Research each of the following questions and develop an answer in your
own words.
Q 1: Who was Homer? What do we actually know about him? [As a
corollary to this question, who was Herodotus?]

Q 2: How much of what we know about the Trojan War is historical? What
then is the rest of the “story”?

Q 3: Find a map that contains both ancient Greece and Troy; where (today)
is the site of Troy located? About how far is it from mainland Greece?

Q 4: Name 2 causes for the Trojan War, one mythological and one

Q 5: Identify and explain the significance of each of the following

Q 6: Approximately when did the Trojan War take place?

Q 7: Who was the Greeks’ main champion? The Trojans’? How did each
one die?

Q 8: Who is Iphigeneia, and what impact does she have in the events of

Q 9: Looking a bit more closely at Agamemnon, what factors—both human
and divine—impacted his decisions in the campaign against Troy? Are his
actions forgivable and/or understandable given the magnitude of the war?

Q 10: How long did the Trojan War allegedly last, and how did it finally
end? How did the Greeks behave in the victorious aftermath?



English Composition I (EH 101) Odyssey Webquest

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