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English Composition I (EH 101) Self Concept Essay

Sandra Watson
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University of Alabama at Birmingham

English Composition I (EH 101)

Imagine yourself walking into a room with a large crowd of people at a party. As you
scan the room you notice many people laughing, talking, and interacting with each
other. As you look towards the center of the room you see a very large guy with a huge
Afro talking very loudly and attracting much attention to him; that’s me. I am an
individual who is determined, outgoing, and loving. I display these characteristics to
anyone I meet and everywhere I go.
I am a very determined individual and this is shown through my hard work and
willingness to put time into something to see results. In the days I played football in
high school I was often called the “weight room maniac” because of my tendency to
stay after practice to get extra workouts in. This hard work, combined with my effort
that I gave on the field, led me to getting offered multiple athletic scholarships from
various football programs in the states of Alabama, Tennessee, and Mississippi. This
determination is also present in the classroom; even when I am tired and want to sleep
instead of study I still push myself to put my priorities first. This characteristic I mainly
gained after watching my sister pay herself through medical school and because a
pediatrician, which made myself want to work as hard like her as well.



English Composition I (EH 101) Self Concept Essay

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