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English Composition I (EN122) Mother Tongue Amy Tan Analysis

Sandra Watson
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Ashley Brightman English 122 Critical Analysis Final Draft


Southern New Hampshire University

Ashley Brightman
English 122
Final Draft: Mother Tongue
The article, “Mother Tongue, written by Amy Tan, has one very evident main
claim. It is that one’s intellect may not be judged upon the amount of knowledge or spoken
words of the English language. She states her claim clearly in the header of the article. She
says, “Don’t judge a book by its cover…or someone’s intelligence by her English.” (Tan,
2006, p.20). This claim is strongly supported throughout the article. By using herself as a
person of example growing up learning different types of English and the judgements placed
upon her, she was able to provide strong evidence. The accomplishments Tan made allows
for one to see that the pre-conceived notions placed upon her were incorrect.



English Composition I (EN122) Mother Tongue Amy Tan Analysis

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