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Running Head C361 - MLM1 - PA 1 Performance Assessment Lindsay Lincoln

John Marsh
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Evidence Based Practice and Applied Nursing Research C361 – MLM1 – PA 1 Lindsay Lincoln

Impact of the Problem on the Patient
Minimizing fear, anxiety and pain in the hospitalized pediatric patient is imperative to successful relationships between the patient and their medical team What’s on of the most fear things among not only children, but also the majority of all that find themselves in a doctor’s office or hospital? Needles. Hospitalized pediatric patients must endure multiple blood draws and possibly even intravenous therapy. If you do not minimize the fear than each subsequent attempt at blood will be more stressful for the patient. Patient satisfaction and gaining patient trust should be of upmost importance. So, what can phlebotomists and nurses do to decrease the major source of fear? Attempt to minimize the stress reaction.

Impact of the Problem on the Organization

As stated above, patient satisfaction and trust are essential to any healthcare organization.
An organization should make it their priority to find ways of making venipuncture for pediatrics less traumatizing. Not only is it hard on the patient but also the patient’s parents – the ones ultimately giving the organization their seal of approval. If it appears that a facility does not take into consideration the comfort and feelings of the pediatric patient it will ultimately affect every and all departments. Many organizations are successful based on word of mouth by patients and their families – if it appears this variable is not being met that it will likely negatively affect the
organizations overall satisfaction score.
Identify the PICO components



Evidence Based Practice And Applied Nursing Research (NURS 4011) C361 - MLM1 - PA 1 Lindsay Lincoln

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