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Family Centered Care (NSG3107) Calgary Family Assessment Model

Sandra Watson
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University of Ottawa

Family Centered Care (NSG3107)

The Calgary Family Assessment Model: Possible Interview Questions
Section A: Structural Assessment
Internal Structure:
Family Composition: Could you tell me who is in your family? Who do you live with? Is
there anyone else whom you think of as family who does not live with you or is not biologically
Gender: What effect did your parents’ ideas of masculinity & femininity have on your own
ideas of male and female? If your parents had different ideas about male and female
behavior, how might it have changed your relationship with them and others?
Sexual Orientation : At what age did you first engage in sexual activity? If you were told one of
your children/family members was gay/lesbian, how would it change your interaction with
Rank Order: How many siblings do you have? Are you the oldest or where are you? Do you
think there are any differences in being a first child, middle child?
Subsystems : Are there different subgroups in your family? Do these sub- systems (groups)
affect your larger family?
Boundaries : Who do you talk to when you feel stressed? When feeling happy? When feeling
External Structure:
Extended Family: Where do your parents live and how often do you have contact with them?
What about your brothers or sisters? Which family members do you never see? Which of your
relatives are you closest to?
Larger Systems: How many agencies regularly interact with you? (e.g. work, welfare, courts,
health care ) Who thinks that your family needs to be involved with these agencies? Who is
opposed? How is your working relationship with these agencies?



Family Centered Care (NSG3107) Calgary Family Assessment Model

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