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Field 4 - Process Recording (HUMN 8110 ) Walden University

Sandra Watson
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Field 4 – Process Recording (HUMN 8110 ) Walden University


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Case Name:       J.D._ Location of Interview:
Date of Interview: _                                               _ Present: _J.D. and
Purpose of Contact
and Goal of Session:     Today’s session is PJ weekly session.  The client had homework to do from last session of journaling, attempting to work spot jobs to get some probation fees caught up, see probation officer and change address and getting his ID to move forward looking for employment.  He was to check up on his insurance with DHS to see if it has gone through.  If PJ has followed through, I have a job interview for him with a local factory.                    Basic Client Demographics: J.D 28-year-old Caucasian single male living in a homeless shelter.  PJ originally came into therapy due to feelings of anxiety, depression, and feelings of worthlessness and hopelessness.  PJ. has no family support and no friends at the time of intake.  He had spent the last several months living from one couch to another with acquaintances.  He has been sober from his doc (meth) for a period of 6 days at intake.  PJ’s family, his father and brother, reside in Texas and are also involved in drugs.  PJ has 2 previous drug charges for drugs and is on
probation.  PJ presented to the mission after spending a few nights in an abandoned building in below freezing temperatures and starving.  He reports almost freezing to death and looked at coming to the shelter as a last resort and views it as the ultimate low. We began with biweekly sessions and have phased down to once weekly after PJ getting his anxiety and depression on the upward climb. Journaling, mindfulness, coping skills have all helped PJ immensely.
How did you preparing for your interaction with the client: I spoke with HR friend of mine at a local factory about PJ interviewing for a job?  I looked over case notes from previous sessions to remind myself where we left off and what PJ was to do this week.  I checked the facility records to see if PJ had any problems or strikes since our last meeting.




Field 4 - Process Recording (HUMN 8110 ) Walden University

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