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Foundations Of Nursing (NCS1201) Quiz With Answer

John Marsh
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Quiz – quiz with answer

Edith Cowan University

Foundations of Nursing (NCS1201)

1. Based on the nursing process, the correct order of analysis is:
a) diagnosis, planning, assessment, implementation, evaluation;
b) evaluation, diagnosis, planning, implementation, assessment;
c) assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation, evaluation;
d) assessment, planning, diagnosis, implementation, evaluation.
2. Critical thinking is:
a) thinking really hard about a situation;
b) a group working together on an issue;
c) a step-by-step linear process;
d) a systematic framework of thinking.
3. The third aspect of the ADPIE nursing process is:
a) proposing;
b) positioning;
c) planning;
d) promoting.
4. Intuition is a feeling experienced about a client that is unable to be explained. It is a trigger for:
a) lack of energy;
b) running away;
c) a more systematic assessment of a client;
d) leaving the client to rest.
5. The following scenario is an example of intuition:
a) prompting a patient for answers during a health assessment;
b) assisting a patient to ambulate;
c) educating a patient about the treatment he or she will receive;
d) assessing a patient’s surroundings to determine his or her needs.



Foundations Of Nursing (NCS1201) Quiz With Answer

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