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Foundations Of Nursing (NURS 3302) Chapter 47 Practice Test

John Marsh
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North Carolina Central University

Foundations Of Nursing (NURS 3302)

Chapter 47 Practice Test

Chapter 47: Bowel Elimination
Fundamentals of Nursing, 9th Edition
1. The nurse is teaching a health class about the gastrointestinal tract. The nurse will explain that
which portion of the digestive tract absorbs most of the nutrients?
a. Ileum
b. Cecum
c. Stomach
d. Duodenum
2. The nurse is caring for patients with ostomies. In which ostomy location will the nurse expect
very liquid stool to be present?
a. Sigmoid
b. Transverse
c. Ascending
d. Descending
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3. A nurse is teaching a patient about the large intestine in elimination. In which order will the
nurse list the structures, starting with the first portion?
a. Cecum, ascending, transverse, descending, sigmoid, and rectum
b. Ascending, transverse, descending, sigmoid, rectum, and cecum
c. Cecum, sigmoid, ascending, transverse, descending, and rectum
d. Ascending, transverse, descending, rectum, sigmoid, and cecum
4. The nurse is planning care for a group of patients. Which task will the nurse assign to the
nursing assistive personnel (NAP)?
a. Performing the first postoperative pouch change
b. Maintaining a nasogastric tube
c. Administering an enema
d. Digitally removing stool
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5. A nurse is assisting a patient in making dietary choices that promote healthy bowel
elimination. Which menu option should the nurse recommend?
a. Broccoli and cheese soup with potato bread
b. Turkey and mashed potatoes with brown gravy
c. Grape and walnut chicken salad sandwich on whole wheat bread
d. Dinner salad topped with hard-boiled eggs, cheese, and fat-free dressing
6. A patient is using laxatives three times daily to lose weight. After stopping laxative use, the
patient has difficulty with constipation and wonders if laxatives should be taken again. Which
information will the nurse share with the patient?
Long-term laxative use causes the bowel to become less responsive to stimuli, and
constipation may occur.
Laxatives can cause trauma to the intestinal lining and scarring may result, leading to
decreased peristalsis.
Long-term use of emollient laxatives is effective for treatment of chronic constipation and
may be useful in certain situations.
Laxatives cause the body to become malnourished, so when the patient begins eating again,
the body absorbs all of the food, and no waste products are produced.
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7. A patient with a hip fracture is having difficulty defecating into a bedpan while lying in bed.
Which action by the nurse will assist the patient in having a successful bowel movement?
a. Preparing to administer a barium enema
b. Withholding narcotic pain medication
c. Administering laxatives to the patient
d. Raising the head of the bed



Foundations Of Nursing (NURS 3302) Chapter 47 Practice Test

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