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Foundations Of Professional Nursing Practice (NUR 3130) Practical - Clinical Skills

Sandra Watson
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Clinical Skills


Nova Southeastern University


Foundations Of Professional Nursing Practice (NUR 3130)

Clinical Skills
Perineal Care:
1. Perform hand hygiene before patient contact.
2. Verify the correct patient using two identifiers.
3. Review orders for specific precautions concerning the patient’s
movement or positioning.
4. In order to provide privacy, close room doors and draw the room
divider curtain.
5. Prepare equipment and supplies (2 small towels, liquid soap, bucket)
6. If leaving the room is necessary, be sure the call light or button is
within the patient’s reach.
7. Raise the bed to a comfortable height to perform perineal care.
Female Perineal Care
1. Perform hand hygiene and don gloves.
2. Help the patient assume the dorsal recumbent or supine position.
Assist the patient to flex the knees and slightly spread the legs. (Note
any limitations on her positioning. If the patient cannot assume the
dorsal recumbent or supine position, support her in the sidelying
position with a leg raised while the perineum is bathed. If
positioning causes the patient discomfort, reduce the degree
of abduction in her hip.)
3. Position a waterproof pad or a towel under the patient’s buttocks.
4. Drape the patient with a bath blanket or towel placed over the torso
and legs. Fold the the bath blanket or towel over the patient’s legs
onto the abdomen to expose the perineum.
5. Wash one half of the mons down to the thigh on the same side with
soap and water, use the other side of the washcloth to do the other
half and other thigh and then dry them with a dry washcloth.
6. If the patient is able to maneuver and handle the washcloth, allow her
to cleanse the perineum. If not, wash the labia majora.
a. Use the nondominant hand to gently retract the labia from the
thigh; with the dominant hand, carefully wash the skinfolds.
b. Using a clean washcloth or perineal wipe, wipe from the
perineum to the rectum (front to back). Repeat this process on
the opposite side, using a new washcloth or perineal wipe.
c. Rinse and dry the area thoroughly.
7. Gently separate the labia with the nondominant hand to expose the
urethral meatus and vaginal orifice.
8. With the dominant hand, wash downward from the pubic area toward
the rectum in one smooth stroke. Use a separate section of the cloth
for each stroke.




Foundations Of Professional Nursing Practice (NUR 3130) Practical - Clinical Skills

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