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Fund Human Nutrition (HUN 2201) exam 3

Sandra Watson
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University of Florida

Fund Human Nutrition (HUN 2201)

● All proteins are made up amino acids
● Essential amino acids- they must be obtained from the diet which is why we eat protein
rich foods
○ Isoleucine
○ Leucine
○ Lysine
○ Methionine
○ Phenylalanine
○ Threonine
○ Tryptophan
○ Valine
○ Histidine
● Essential amino acids must be obtained from food
○ Primary sources: meat, fish, poultry
○ Plants don’t have as many of these essential amino acids
● Nonessential amino acids- our body can make these
○ Alanine
○ Asparagine
○ Aspartic acid
○ Cysteine
○ Glutamic acid
○ Glutamine
○ Glycine
○ Proline
○ Serine
○ Tyrosine
○ Arginine
○ Cysteine
● Every amino acid is going to have an amine group and a carboxylic acid group
○ Amine+ acid= amino acid
● Every amino acid has the basic structure of nitrogen with carboxylic acid
● R group makes each amino acid different – the side chains
● Genes determine how many amino acids are going to be lined up and the sequence
○ Peptide chains bond amino acids- peptide linkages
● Origin of protein is mRNA and ribosomes
○ mRNA determines what protein we are going to make and this all occurs on the
○ mRNA gets message from DNA



Fund Human Nutrition (HUN 2201) exam 3

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