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Fundamentals I (NR224) Chapter-015 test bank

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Fundamentals I (NR224)

Chapter-015 test bank

Potter & Perry: Fundamentals of Nursing, 7th Edition
Test Bank
Chapter 15: Critical Thinking in Nursing Practice
1. Which of the following best reflects the philosophy of critical thinking as taught by a
nurse educator to a nursing student?
1. “Think about several interventions that you could use with this client.”
2. “Don’t draw subjective inferences about your client—be more objective.”
3. “Please think harder—there is a single solution for which I am looking.”
4. “Trust your feelings—don’t be concerned about trying to find a rationale to support
your decision.”

2. The second component of critical thinking in the “critical thinking model” is:
1. Experience
2. Competencies
3. Specific knowledge
4. Diagnostic reasoning

3. The nurse enters the room of a client who has a history of heart disease. On looking at the
client, the nurse feels that something is “not right” with the client and proceeds to take
the vital signs. This is the nurse acting on:
1. Intuition
2. Reflection
3. Knowledge
4. Scientific methodology

4. The nurse manager has developed a staff protocol for peer evaluation. The nurses on her
surgical unit are nervous about using her instrument. If the nurse manager continues to
implement the new strategy, which of the following critical thinking attitudes is she
1. Humility
2. Risk-taking
3. Accountability
4. Independent thinking

5. The nurse is working with a client who has recently had a colostomy and is having
difficulty using the provided supplies. The nurse works with the client to see which
alternative supplies are easier for the client to use. This is an example of the critical
thinking strategy of:
1. Inference
2. Management



Fundamentals I (NR224) Chapter-015 test bank

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