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Fundamentals Of Nursing (ADN 112) Seizure Colon Prostate Cancer

John Marsh
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Southwestern College

Fundamentals Of Nursing (ADN 112)

Seizure Colon Prostate cancer care plans

Seizure Disorder (Provide a pathophysiology of each -50)
It’s an abnormal, sudden, excessive, uncontrolled firing of neurons that may alter level of consciousness, motor/sensory ability, and/or behavior.
Triggering factors are emotional stress, fatigue, alcohol, caffeine, and increased physical activity. The primary cause is unknown, but it can be
caused by tumor, head trauma, metabolic disorders, electrolyte imbalance like high sodium, magnesium, potassium. CNS infection, hypoxia, and
brain trauma are the most common causes of seizures in children. The length of seizure varies from 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Focal seizures or
partial seizures occur when abnormal electrical activity is contained to a limited area of the brain. There are focal aware and focal impaired
seizures. Focal aware or simple partial seizure does not affect memory or awareness, but focal impaired or complex partial seizure can affect
behavior, awareness or memory before, during and after each seizure episode. The tonic-clonic (grand mal) or generalized seizure is about the
rhythmic pattern between stiffening and jerking that lose all consciousness. It may have aura. During the tonic-clonic phase, the tonic is abrupt
increase in muscle tone and lose consciousness. Then the clonic includes biting tongue, jerky movement, bowel and bladder incontinence
(Sommers, 2015). After that phase, the person can have headache, muscle soreness, fatigue, confusion, agitation and lethargy. Febrile seizures
occur in children as the result of a rapid temperature rise above 39C. Status epilepticus is a medical emergency. It lasts more than 5 minutes,
repeated seizure lasts 30 minutes. The causes of status epilepticus include sudden withdrawal from antiepileptic drugs, infections, acute alcohol or
drug withdrawal, head trauma, cerebral edema and metabolic disturbance (Trakalo, 2019).



Fundamentals Of Nursing (ADN 112) Seizure Colon Prostate Cancer

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