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Fundamentals Of Nursing Care (NURS 310) Topics To Review Nutrition

John Marsh
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Wichita State University

Fundamentals Of Nursing Care (NURS 310)

Topics To Review: Nutrition

Topics To Review
Section 1: Safety and Infection Control (1 item)
Accident/Error/Injury Prevention (1 item)
1. Nutrition Across the Lifespan (ATI Nutrition Ch. 7): Teaching About Food Allergies in an Infant
• Solid Food should not be introduced before 4-6 months of age due to the risk of food
allergies and stress on the immature kidneys.
• New Foods should be introduced one at a time over a 5-7 day period to observe for
indications of allergy or intolerance
• Do not give peanuts due to potential for severe reaction (or honey)
• Delay the introduction of milk, eggs, wheat and citrus that can lead to allergic reactions in
susceptible infants
Section 2: Health Promotion and Maintenance (16 items)
Aging Process (2 items)
1. Nutrition Across the Lifespan (ATI Nutrition Ch. 7): Appropriate Food Choices for a Toddler
• Only 4-6 oz of 100% juice per day
• 1-2 yr olds need whole cow’s milk (important fats for brain development) only 24 oz/day
• Serving size is one Tbsp for each year of age
• If there is a family history of food allergies, be careful and slowly introduce these foods
• Toddlers prefer finger foods but don’t give anything that could be a choking hazard
• Iron deficiency is common is young children, so give lean red meats and Vitamin C to aid
in iron absorption from plant sources
2. Barriers to Adequate Nutrition: Teaching About Nutritional Needs for an Older Adult Client
• Poor Dentition (i.e. dental carries, dentures)
• Low socioeconomic status and lack of access
• Cognitive disorders (i.e. dementia)
• Altered sensory perception (i.e. anosmia, blindness)
• Impairment in swallowing
• Mechanical fixation of the jaw
• Medical conditions (i.e. cancer patients, HIV/AIDS patients, patients undergoing
diagnostic testing who are NPO, clients with comorbidities resulting in polypharmacy)
Ante/Intra/Postpartum and Newborn Care (4 items)
1. Sources of Nutrition: Heme Sources of Iron
• Heme iron is only found in animal sources (i.e. beef, fish, poultry)
• Non-heme iron comes from plants (i.e. grains, legumes, spinach, etc.)
2. Sources of Nutrition: Folate Intake During Pregnancy
• Folate deficiency can cause fetal neural tube defects, such as spina bifida and
• It is important that all women of child bearing age receive enough folate due to neural tube
formation occurring in early gestation, often before the mother is aware that she is
• Good sources are liver, dark green vegetables, orange juice, and legumes
3. Nutrition Across the Lifespan: Prenatal Benefits of Folic Acid
• It is recommended that 600 mcg/day of folic acid be taken during pregnancy.



Fundamentals Of Nursing Care (NURS 310) Topics To Review Nutrition

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