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Fundamentals of Nursing Chapter 2

John Marsh
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Fundamentals of Nursing Chapter 2

Keiser University

Fundamentals of Nursing

Fundamentals of Nursing – Chapter 2
Acute care
– Pattern of health care in which a patient is treated for an acute episode of
illness, for the sequelae of an accident or other trauma, or during recovery from
Adult day care centers
– Facility for the supervised care of older adults; provides activities such as meals
and socialization during specified day hours.
Assisted living
– Residential living facilities in which each resident has his or her own room and
shares dining and social activity areas.
– Payment mechanism in which a provider (e.g., health care network) receives a
fixed amount of payment per enrollee.
Diagnosis-related groups (DRGs)
– Group of patients classified to establish a mechanism for health care
reimbursement based on length of stay. Classification is based on the following
variables: primary and secondary diagnosis, co-morbidities, primary and
secondary procedures, and age.
Discharge planning
– Activities directed toward identifying future proposed therapy and the need for
additional resources before and after returning home.
Extended care facility
– Institution devoted to providing medical, nursing, or custodial care for an
individual over a prolonged period such as during the course of a chronic
disease or the rehabilitation phase after an acute illness.
– Worldwide scope or application.
Home care
– Health service provided in the patient’s place of residence to promote, maintain,
or restore health or minimize the effects of illness and disability.



 Fundamentals of Nursing Chapter 2

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