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Josephine Morrow vSim Documentation Assignments

John Marsh
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Josephine morrow vsim health assessment

Documentation Assignments

1. Document the findings of a focused skin assessment of Ms. Morrow, including any findings that identify the presence of chronic venous insufficiency.

2. Document any abnormal laboratory results that are associated with the presence or status of Ms. Morrow’s stasis ulcer.

3. Record the results of Ms. Morrow’s Braden Scale assessment.

4. Document the characteristics of Ms. Morrow’s venous stasis ulcer.

5. Document the dressing change and irrigation of Ms. Morrow’s wound.

6. In the chart, record patient education on ways to promote venous return.

Guided Reflection Questions
Opening Questions

How did the simulated experience of Josephine Morrow’s case make you feel?

Talk about what went well in the scenario.

Scenario Analysis Questions

S What priority problem(s) did you identify for Josephine Morrow?

Identify in Josephine Morrow’s health history any factors that predisposed her to having chronic venous insufficiency

PCC/SDiscuss the assessment findings and diagnostic studies that correlate with chronic venous insufficiency and venous stasis ulceration. Provide the reasons behind these findings.

S What is the rationale for the daily dose of ASA?

EBP/I What is the rationale for compression therapy?

EBP/I What is the rationale for performing a Braden scale assessment on Josephine Morrow?

T&C What other interprofessional team members should be involved in Josephine Morrow’s care?

Concluding Questions
Describe how you would apply the knowledge and skills that you acquired in Josephine Morrow’s case to an actual

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