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Mona Hernandez vSim Documentation | Fundamentals

John Marsh
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Care Plan Mona Hernandez vSim Step by Step Answers

Documentation Assignments

1. Document your focused assessment of Mona Hernandez. Patient is a 72 year old female admitted in for pneumonia with no allergies.

She is alert and orientated, but appears tired. She is experiencing shortness of breath an sharp pain when she coughs. Patient reported pain as 6 on a scale of 1- 10. Her temperature was elevated, respirations were 24/min, blood pressure 112/72 and pulse was 104/min.
Patient’s bed was raised to high-fowlers position. Oxygen was administrered through a face mask 3Lmin and O2 increased to 95%.

2. Document your assessment findings and any nursing interventions related to Mona Hernandez’s oxygenation after ambulation.

3. Document your education to Mona Hernandez regarding the purpose of, and how to use, the incentive spirometer.

4. Referring to your feedback log, document the nursing care you provided to Mona Hernandez and her response.

Opening Questions

How did the simulated experience of Mona Hernandez’s case make you feel?

Talk about what went well in the scenario.

Reflecting on Mona Hernandez’s case, were there any actions you would do differently if you were to repeat this scenario? If so, how would your patient care change?

Scenario Analysis Questions*

PCC What priority problem(s) did you identify for Mona Hernandez?

PCC What potential problems could arise due to pneumonia?

PCC/T&C Discuss the importance of support from her health care team in Mona Hernandez’s care.

S Identify potential patient safety issues related to oxygenation and specific to Mona Hernandez’s pneumonia.

T&C What other interprofessional team members should be involved in Mona Hernandez’s care?

T&C/I Provide Mona Hernandez with education on the importance of smoking cessation and the role that smoking has on respiratory health. As part of this education, provide her with a list of smoking cessation support groups.

Concluding Questions

Describe how you would apply the knowledge and skills that you acquired in Mona Hernandez’s case to an actual patient care situation



Fundamentals Of Nursing For Practical Nurses (PNU 120) Mona Hernandez

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