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Fundamentals Of Nursing (NRSG 100) Skin Integrity And Wound Care

John Marsh
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Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana

Fundamentals of Nursing (NRSG 100)

Skin Integrity and Wound Care

Skin Integrity and Wound Care
Functions of the Skin
 Protection (first line of defense)
 Body temperature regulation
 Psychosocial
 Sensation
 Vitamin D production
 Immunologic
 Absorption
 Elimination
Factors Affecting the Skin Integrity
 Unbroken and healthy skin and mucous membranes defend against harmful agents.
 Resistance to injury is affected by age, amount of underlying tissues, and illness.
 Adequately nourished and hydrated body cells are resistant to injury.
 Adequate circulation is necessary to maintain cell life.
Causes of Skin Alterations
 Very thin and very obese people are more susceptible to skin injury.
 Fluid loss during illness causes dehydration.
o Skin appears loose and flabby.
 Excessive perspiration during illness predisposes skin to breakdown.
 Jaundice causes yellowish, itchy skin.
 Diseases of the skin, such as eczema and psoriasis, may cause lesions that require special care.
Care of the Skin in the Older Adult
 Limit use of tape on skin
 Careful skin assessments
 Changes in bathing
 Apply lotions
 Pressure-reducing interventions
 Adequate hydration
 Break or disruption in normal integrity of skin and tissues.
 Types of Wounds
o Intentional & Unintentional
o Open & Closed
o Acute & Chronic
o Others types



Fundamentals Of Nursing (NRSG 100) Skin Integrity And Wound Care

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