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Fundamentals Of Nursing (NRSG 100) Syllabus 115

John Marsh
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Syllabus NRSG 100 and 115

Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana

Fundamentals of Nursing (NRSG 100)

CATALOG DESCRIPTION: Simulated patient care provides an
opportunity to develop the psychomotor skills necessary to provide
nursing care to meet basic patient needs. Emphasis is placed on the
use of standard precautions, provision of a safe care environment, and
maintenance of patient privacy and basic principles of documentation.
With additional simulated patient care activities and mastery of basic
care principles, students are provided the opportunity to develop
progressively complex nursing skills to include sterile technique,
airway maintenance, nutritional and fluid support, elimination devices,
specimen collection, medication administration, drug dosage
calculations, and more advanced principles of nursing documentation.
completion of this course the student will be expected to:
1. Demonstrate nursing skills utilized in meeting basic needs of
patients through the effective use of technology and standardized
practices that support safety and quality and reduce risk of harm to
self or others. (SLO 1, 2 & 3)
2. Demonstrate competencies in techniques necessary to maintain a
safe patient care environment to minimize risk of harm to patients and
providers through both system effectiveness and individual
performance. (SLO 1, 2 7)
3. Demonstrate awareness of the need to protect patient privacy,
explore ethical and legal implications of patient-centered care,
facilitate informed patient consent for care, and appreciate shared
decision-making with empowered patients and families. (SLO 1, 5 & 6)



Fundamentals Of Nursing (NRSG 100) Syllabus 115

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