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characteristics Of Nursing Profession (NUR-205) Fund. Nurs. Notes - Ch 1

John Marsh
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Fund. Nurs. Notes – Ch 1-characteristics of nursing profession

Neumann University

Fundamentals of Nursing (NUR-205)

Fundamentals of Nursing – Ch. 1 Notes
& Terms
Review Questions:
1. In comparing the American Nurses Association (ANA)
and International Council of Nurses (ICN) definitions of
nursing, what component does the ICN mention that is not
included in ANA’s definition and is indicative of a more
global focus?

2. A profession has specific characteristics. In regard to
how nursing meets these characteristics, which criteria
are consistent and standardized processes? (Select all
that apply.)

3. Which specific aspect of a profession does the
development of theories provide?

4. Health care workers are discussing a diverse group of
patients respectfully and are being responsive to the
health beliefs and practices of these patients. What
important aspect of nursing professional practice are they

5. A nurse makes a medication error, immediately
assesses the patient, and reports the error to the nurse
manager and the primary care provider. Which
characteristic of a professional is the nurse

6. Which components are included in the American Nurses
Association (ANA) standards? (Select all that apply.)



characteristics Of Nursing Profession (NUR-205) Fund. Nurs. Notes - Ch 1

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