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Fundamentals of Nursing (NURS 1100 ) CH 18 - Planning Nursing Care

John Marsh
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CH 18 – Planning Nursing Care

California State University Los Angeles

Fundamentals of Nursing (NURS 1100 )

Chapter 18 – PLANNING Nursing Care
Collaborative Interventions – Therapies that require the knowledge, skill, and expertise of multiple
health care professionals.
Consultation – Process in which the help of a specialist is sought to identify ways to handle problems in
patient management or in planning and implementing programs.
Dependent Nursing Interventions –
Expected Outcomes – Expected conditions of a patient at the end of therapy or a disease process,
including the degree of wellness and the need for continuing care, medications, support, counseling, or
Goal – desired results of nursing actions set realistically by the nurse and patient as part of the
PLANNING stage of the nursing process.



Fundamentals of Nursing (NURS 1100 ) CH 18 - Planning Nursing Care

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