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Fundamentals Of Nursing (Nurs 331) Health Belief Model

John Marsh
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Health Belief Model

MacEwan University

Fundamentals of Nursing (Nurs 331)

Lecture 6: Health Belief Model
The paradox of change: There is sadness and excitement when there is change. It is sad to
move on and take a different path because there are things you will miss, but at the same time
there is excitement for your path ahead of you and all the adventures you will encounter
Disease Prevention Health Promotion
 Focuses on efforts to move away from
or avoid negative states of illness or
 Use of regulatory measures: a law or
policy in place so that we can prevent
diseases from spreading. For
example, using infant car seats or
wearing a seatbelt
 There are three levels: primary,
secondary and tertiary
 Focuses on moving towards a high
level of well being and actualization
 Empowerment: a process through
which people gain greater control
over decisions and actions affecting
their health. “an active, involved
process where people, groups and
communities move toward increased
individual and community control,
political efficacy, improved quality of
life and social justice”



Fundamentals Of Nursing (Nurs 331) Health Belief Model

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