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Fundamentals Of Nursing (NURS-B260) Dr Byrd Oxygenation

John Marsh
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Dr Byrd Oxygenation

Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis

Fundamentals Of Nursing (NURS-B260)

Dr Byrd Oxygenation
I. 3 stages of respiration
a. Respiration
b. Ventilation
c. Perfusion
i. Transport of o2 and co2 in blood to and from cells of the body
II. Respiratory center of the brain
a. Medulla oblongata
III. Neurologic system controls
a. Rate and respiration
IV. Factors that affect Rate
a. Co2
i. Stimulus to breathe – if co2 too high, breath more rapid
b. Compliance- lungs inflate
c. Elasticity-lungs go back to normal
d. Positioning- semi fowlers/fowlers
e. Age- lungs stiffen
f. Surfactant- keep alveoli open
g. Body wt
h. Pregnancy
i. Environment
j. Lifestyle
k. Nutrition
l. Hemoglobin



Fundamentals Of Nursing (NURS-B260) Dr Byrd Oxygenation

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