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GCU - PSY 352 - Benchmark Research reflection

Sandra Watson
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Grand Canyon University – PSY 352 – Benchmark Research reflection

Benchmark Research reflection
When it comes to interaction with other individuals, social and cultural competence are useful in society. It is important to know how to act towards others as well as learn more about another culture. Being open to new people, ideas, and a whole new perspective will allow individuals to be able to build and maintain relationships. Having that knowledge and skill canlead us to being happy. This essay will be going over the definition of social and cultural competence, why they are important to social psychologists, and everyday examples of both.


Social and cultural competence ?

Importance of social and cultural competence ?

Examples of social psychological concepts (Cross-cultural perspective)?

Why does cultural competency matter?

Problems that might occur if cross-culture perspectives are neglected?


GCU - PSY 352 - Benchmark Research reflection

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