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General Biology I (BIO-111) Biology Final Exam Study Guide 2019

Sandra Watson
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Wake Technical Community College

General Biology I (BIO-111)

What is biology?

Which of the following is not a characteristic of life?

Which of these statements is correct?

The changes that occur as a result of the interactions between organisms and their
environment is called _____________

Organisms require an input of energy in order to sustain life. We need to eat food that we then
break down to release energy. We use the energy for muscle contractions, maintaining body
temperature, etc. The previous statement refers to

In a scientific experiment, what is the function of the control group?

Two garden plots were planted with corn. The soil was similar in each, and equal amounts of
water were applied to each plot. One plot was fertilized, the other was not. The experimenters
measured the yield as bushels of corn from each plot. The plot that did not receive the fertilizer
was the _____.



General Biology I (BIO-111) Biology Final Exam Study Guide 2019

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